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Business etiquette is a set of standards for behavior in which individuals treat everyone respectfully and display good manners in all interactions.  


Professional behavior helps build strong relationships among management, staff, clients, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. 


A confident approach helps create a strong personal brand. People feel more secure dealing with a person who displays polished confidence. 


Business etiquette is a powerful, practical, and profitable skill you can use when it most counts to get a job, keep a job or succeed in a job. 


Leah 264x300 Leah Hawthorn, ABI owner & founder Certified Master Trainer


Are you business protocol savvy?

Etiquette and protocol rules are important in business and commerce. This importance is even greater when doing business or interacting with international, multicultural enterprises.

Warren Buffet

Etiquette is a very important factor in determining the success or failure of a business or person. Etiquette involves many facets such as the way a person presents himself or herself to others, exhibits confidence, and can make those around them comfortable. Knowing and using proper business etiquette can get you one step closer to your dream job or client.

In business you should constantly find ways to stand out from everyone else. By enhancing your knowledge of proper business etiquette, you can also increase your level of success.

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