Polished People

Theater Etiquette

I am a proud grandparent to an 11-year-old granddaughter. Her name is Taylor. Now, Taylor happens to be into acting and singing. Of course, being her grandparent, I think she is the cat’s meow when it comes to talent. ...


Top Ten Networking Tips

123rf-Etiquette-300x195Protocol and etiquette

are no longer relegated to the international diplomatic community. Knowledge of business protocol & etiquette is necessary for anyone engaged in local or global business and exchange. We must be an enjoy for the...


Entertaining Doesn’t Have to be a Dirty Word

?!  Those are the words most people are thinking. Of  course, everyone loves to be invited to a party in someone’s home, but to do it yourself –Unthinkable!!

It isn't as scary as it seems....


Take My Seat!

When I was growing up, my mother and father taught me a lot when it came to manners and respecting others. One of my earliest memories is when we were visiting my...


Social Media Etiquette – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

I was on Facebook and LinkedIn several years ago after a long day at work and a big networking event afterward.  You have been there I’m sure; an evening event starts at 5:30 p.m. and ends at 7:00...


Business Casual or Casual . . . THAT . . . is the Question!


Last week, my husband and I were in New York. We were going to an incredible restaurant called “Del Frisco’s”. This is a nice restaurant—white table cloths, great wines, and a’la carte menu. I wasn’t sure what the proper attire would be for this...


The Art of Thank You

What three words have a total of only 14 letters yet carry a great deal of meaning?  “Please” and “Thank You”.

How do you feel when you get your mail and there is a...


Chain Reaction

The social life of a dining etiquette professional is a lonely one.  And let me tell you why.

It doesn’t matter what the event, the minute someone finds out a person trains dining tutorials...


Remembering Names

Okay, how many of you have been here?  You’re at a business event and someone is coming over to talk to you.  This is a person you have met not once, but at least twice,...


No Double Dipping

double-dipping-300x225Ah, the infamous Buffet Line.  We’ve all been there, especially at many business events and Lunch N Learns.  But is there such a thing as Buffet Etiquette?  Of course there is.  “Manners” may not be the first word that jumps into your...


Eye Contact

For me, going out to dinner is my favorite way to socialize with people that I know, and is a great way to meet new people.  My husband and I used to run into the same person quite frequently...


No Littering Allowed

Several years ago, I went to a networking event.  Now, this was a new venue for me so, I thought I would try it out. As I walked into the event, John, we’ll call him, an extremely...


Cell Phone Etiquette

no-cell-phone-signIt used to be impressive, very impressive, to own a cell phone.  In the late 80s, when cell phones were two feet long and weighed about five pounds, it was impressive to see someone set their cell phone on the dining or conference...


Shabby-Chic Holiday Party

holiday decor

Presentation is everything. When you receive a gift that has been beautifully and carefully wrapped, what’s inside is even more intriguing. The same goes for any party that you are hosting. Presentation is everything—from what you serve your food in to highs and lows...


International Protocol Traveling Tips

ItalyTraveling or doing business internationally can be scary, if you don’t do your homework ahead of time.

Before I started my etiquette and protocol business several years ago, my husband and I went to Italy. It was a beautiful trip.  However, I know now...