How to Succeed in the International Arena

How to Succeed in the International Arena will reinforce the considerable talents you already possess and provide valuable soft skills to help you compete in our global economy that demands mental flexibility and etiquette tools. You can use protocol and personal diplomacy to tip the scales in your favor no matter where you conduct business.

By now it is no secret that competition in today’s international business arena has grown by leaps and bounds, making it imperative that the protocol skills required to compete effectively be developed and employed.

Protocol is no longer relegated to the international diplomatic community alone—a knowledge of business protocol is necessary for anyone engaged in global business and exchange. We must be an envoy for the firm we represent, equipped with a knowledge and understanding of the business and social customs of the persons with whom we are negotiating.  It is this know-how that will bring success.

This seminar is for anyone who wants to learn to communicate, negotiate, and socialize in the global market place. You don’t have to be a cosmopolitan nor do you need years of experience working for a multinational company. However, you need to possess a keen awareness of—and continually feed your mind with—global-oriented information.

ABI, advanced business image & etiquette LLC trains and puts into action:

Broaden Your Global AwarenessIMG_3461

  • Appropriate business attire and accessories
  • Importance of rank and status
  • Business card protocol
  • Body language and gestures
  • Business customs and terminology
  • FYI – electronic communications

Mastering The First Meeting

  • Action plans to prepare you for the negotiationIMG_3469
  • Negotiating to win
  • Business introductions
  • FYI – forms of address
  • Eye signals and eye contact – USA and other countries
  • World-class handshaking intelligence and guidelines
  • Body language
  • Gestures

Project Cultural Awareness

  • Monochronic and polychromic cultures
  • Monochronic and polychronic time
  • High and low context messages
  • Perceptions and misperceptions
  • Gift giving protocol
  • Strategic Do’s and Don’ts

Plus many other timely tips to help you succeed in the international arena

  • Seminars include role-playing exercises, humorous videos, and giveaways to enhance participation
  • Participants receive a handout packet which includes a reference guide workbook and certificate of course completion
  • Seminars are tailored to the needs of each client. Additional resources and publications are available as part of this package
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