Dine Like a Diplomat

How do I prepare for my dinner meeting? Who sits where? Who pays the bill? Which glass and napkin is mine? How do I make a toast? 

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
– La Rochefoucauld

Dinner setting in whiteAre you a savvy diner? 

It is estimated that at least 50% of business is conducted over food—coffee, lunch meetings, dinners, parties. Knowing dining etiquette will not only give you greater confidence in these situations, it will be noticed by your business and dining colleagues.  Savvy dining skills play a major role in today’s business arena.

The world is experiencing a rapidly expanding global economy where the negotiating process does not end when you leave the office; it has only just begun. In this global atmosphere, polished dining skills are very important.

Dine Like a Diplomat is an interactive tutorial five-course meal that provides the nuances so necessary for a world-class competitor.

Social Dining:  No one wants to sit down at a table and be embarrassed or lost by what to do with all of the knives or forks. This training offers participants the opportunity to increase or improve their dining etiquette skills—all to put you at ease as a host or guest in any dining setting.

Professional Dining:  Do you know how to take advantage of social gatherings, parties, Leah Hawthorn DLADand dinners to impress? Many Fortune 500 company executives take potential front line employees to lunch or dinner to observe one’s dining skills and comfort levels with executives, waitpersons—and the myriad of silverware and dishes. Whether we like it or not, good manners are equated with competence in business; poor manners with incompetence.

During this interactive course, ABI, advanced business image & etiquette LLC trains and puts into action:

  • Business entertaining
  • Invitations
  • IMG_0807Receiving lines
  • Host/hostess and guest of honor duties
  • Place setting maps
  • Silverware savvy
  • Napkins
  • Protocol for ordering, seating, paying, and tipping
  • The Silent Service Code
  • Body language at the table
  • IMG_0822Handling accidents
  • Difficult-to-eat foods
  • Forms of Service
  • American, Continental, and Asian styles of eating
  • Toasting
  • World-class Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to make small talk
  • Wine Etiquette

Plus many other dining tips to help you become more “polished” and successful in social and business settings

  • Seminars include exercises, humorous videos, and giveaways to enhance participation
  • Participants receive a handout packet which includes a reference guide workbook and certificate of course completion
  • Seminars are tailored to the needs of each client. Additional resources and publications are available as part of this package

ToastYou will learn simple, yet effective, skills that ensure a flawless, poised, confident, and professional performance at even the most intimidating tables.

Dine Like a Diplomat is perfect for the executive who wishes to improve his or her business dining etiquette to ensure a seamless business and dining experience for all involved.

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