Outclass the Competition

Outclass the CompetitionOutclass the Competition “polishes people” and will give you confidence and authority in today’s fiercely competitive business arena. Etiquette is a much needed tool to give you the extra edge for a competitive advantage.

ABI, advanced business image & etiquette LLC trains and puts into action:

Personal Leadership Skills/Social Intelligence

  • Business card protocol
  • Remembering names
  • Communication skills
  • Forms of address
  • How to make an entrance and work the room
  • Improve your mingling skills (networking)
  • Body language and what it communicates
  • Introducing yourself to others with confidence and authority

Handshaking – The Ultimate Greeting

  • Proper handshakes
  • Improper handshakes
  • Unwanted gestures

IMG_3681Eye Contact

  • Business, social, and intimate – what is appropriate for business


  • Learn to stand, walk, and sit to make a big impression
  • Appear taller and slimmer while more confident and positive

Electronic Communication

  • Improve your skillsTelephone and mobile phone protocol
  • Voicemail
  • Email etiquette – “Netiquette”

Plus many other timely tips to help you outclass the competition

  • Seminars include role-playing exercises, humorous videos, and giveaways to enhance participation
  • Participants receive a handout packet which includes a reference guide workbook and certificate of course completion
  • Seminars are tailored to the needs of each client. Additional resources and publications are available as part of this package


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