Social Media Protocol & Etiquette

Social Media EtiquetteUsing the Internet, email, and electronic communications has become a common part of our daily lives in order to thrive in business. When it comes to social media, proper etiquette can mean the difference between building a respectful, authentic online presence that shows you in your best light versus one ridden with embarrassing gaffes that could potentially tarnish your career or reputation. Missteps can quickly go viral quickly and often permanently. 

Social Media Protocol & Etiquette is a requirement for 21st century digital literacy and a necessary part of being connected in the global marketplace. It is crucial to getting and keeping a job today.

ABI, advanced business image & etiquette LLC trains and puts into action how to correctly build social media trust and professional credibility:

  • Understanding social media usage risks
  • Understanding how customers, employers, hiring managers, et al use social media
  • Protect your personal and professional brand
  • Fundamental guidelines for social media use
  • Business Etiquette

Social MediaFacebook





News feeds


Photo and video sharing


  • Telephone and mobile phone protocol
  • Voicemail
  • Email etiquette – “Netiquette”

Social Media ProtocolPlus many other timely tips to help you succeed in the ever-changing world of social media

  • Seminars include role-playing exercises, humorous videos, and giveaways to enhance participation
  • Participants receive a handout packet which includes a reference guide workbook, top tips and pointers, and certificate of course completion
  • Seminars are tailored to the needs of each client. Additional resources and publications are available as part of this package
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